Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh so tired...Thursday

I'm just pooped today. My son Lucas is wearing me out! I guess it's that 3.5 year old attitude that's just gotten the best of me these last few weeks. Man, he's so lucky he's cute because I think I would've sold him to the gypsies a long time ago! :) Not much going on in my world today. It was GORGEOUS with a high of 74. this weather. Oh, and a couple of you wanted the caramel apple pie recipe. I'll post it tomorrow. I've got to get the recipe from my recipe box and I'm just too lazy to do it at the moment. So, tomorrow when I'm refreshed...I'll post.

Yes, I'm having trouble with 4shared. I'll be back ASAP. The downloads will still be there so please keep checking back. I won't post any new freebies until we've got it sorted out so you won't miss any.

I will post a couple new pics of my kids though. Just because they're so stinkin' cute and I'm a proud Mommy.

Here is my 7 month old Sasha in the bathtub. She's always smiling for the camera. Such a little girl.

Here she is again, just looking cute.

Here is Lucas giving his sister a bit kisser-roo. He LOVES to rub his lips on her soft baby hair. No joke. He does it when she's taking a bottle, when she's just sitting there, when she's getting her diaper changed. Silly boy. He sure loves her and she thinks he's THE BOMB! He's the only one who can make her belly laugh on a daily basis.

Don't ask. I have no idea what the heck he was doing. It was ALL his idea. I just took the picture.

GO BUCKS!!!!!!


Jody said...

Adorable kids yu have there. Wonderful photos

Lisa said...

Your kids are just beautiful! Too cute that he likes to rub his lips on her hair!!

Elizabeth said...

They are so cute!!! Definately worth being tired for.