Saturday, May 3, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

New Blog....

As you can tell, this has been a long time coming. I've got some VERY exciting news I'd like to tell you all about. Please join me on my new blog to find out what it is! Oh yeah...and I have a freebie mini kit for you as well.

Please join me on my new blog:

Thank you!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunshine Sweets MEGA MEGA MEGA freebie kit!

"Welcome to the Sunshine Sweets 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt!" The Sunshine Girls (and surprise... we've added a Mr. Sunshine to our little designer group) hope you enjoy our newest collaborative freebie "Sunshine Sweets".

In the spirit of a traditional Easter Egg hunt we've decided to send you on a little, and VERY easy, hunt for our freebies! Simply click on my egg and download my freebie... inside your download will be my portion of "Sunshine Sweets" along with the link to the blog of another Sunshine Girl (or guy! LOL) just follow that link and click on THEIR egg...their download will contain the link for the next blog... and so on and so on...

Oh! and what would be an Easter hunt without the GOLDEN EGG?? Somewhere during your hunt, you will download the Golden Egg, this link will take you to somewhere where you've NEVER been before, someplace NEW and VERY exciting!! This new place will have a great surprise for you (and only you, our loyal egg hunters)! This surprise will also contain a link that will help you continue on your hunt until at last your journey brings you back to my little blog... where your hunt will be complete!

No hurry...all of our links will be active for plenty long enough for you all to find your eggs, crack them open and enjoy your sweets in time for Easter! So, get busy...have fun and have a great Easter!!!

Please click on my egg to download my portion and the link to the next egg!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love,!!!!, we've all been hinting around for the past few weeks but now you all know....

The collab girls that brought you the "Whimsical Wonderland" MEGA FREEBIE kit are at it again. This time around, we concentrated on Valentines Day. We are doing it a bit different this time. We're all putting our links up today (Thurs. Feb. 7th) so that you can visit each blog in one day if you'd like. Remember, this will be another popular download so if you can't get through to 4shared, try again. The links will be up for a LONG TIME so don't fret. We hope you enjoy.

And without further are the wonderful girls who are contributing...please make sure to leave some love on each blog so they can see that their hard work wasn't in vain.

First is my link:

I hope you enjoy it! I'm so sorry there is not a preview...I just moved from PA to MI and my computer just got unpacked last night after being away for 2 weeks so I'm a little behind. I guess you'll just have to be surprised! :)

And here are the rest of the links... (This is also her new digiscrap take some time to look around. She's got some AMAZING stuff!)

We really hope you enjoy this amazing freebie! It truly IS a MEGA kit!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shhhh....It's on the lookout! :) If you like Whimsical'll LOVE this!

Coming the beginning of February!


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Whimsical Wonderland ALPHA!

Okay, so we can't stop making things for this kit! Here is the first of ANOTHER alpha for the kit. I need to say that this was a collaborative effort itself! Monica made the alpha using Flergs' glitter styles and sent them to Ellie to cut apart and save. lol So if you like them maybe stop by their blogs and let them know. =) I know they'd appreciate the comments. There are 7 different colors in all. I'll try and post one a day.

You can download HERE.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Whimsical Wonderland BONUS DAY!

Today is my portion of the 12 days of Christmas. We decided since you have the entire freebie kit already, this last bonus day would be a nice way to top it all off. All I can say about my portion is if you're anything like me and can't find the time to be creative for yourself because the holidays took all your energy, I have something(s) for you! :)

Please click HERE to go to my files! ENJOY!

P.S. ~ I upload everything in .rar so if you can't download them, below I have put some info so you can download them.


Okay, .rar vs. .zip....the scoop
Okay, so I think i'm going to stick with .rar files for now. Okay, stop the groaning....but it seems only a couple of you can't get .rar files right now. Well, all that is about to change. There are a couple of sites you can go to do download the files needed to unzip .rar files (for free!). Here are a couple websites (as told to me by some nice readers)....

Danielle said...An interesting question... and I don't have an answer. However, I DO know that there's a free program that will unzip .rar files. It's called unzipthemall and can be found here:
Ames said...Not sure about a program to zip for free, but for those who wish to download and use the rar files you've created can download the free 7-zip program. It will download rar files by using a right click. Hope this helps!

Sindiego said...You can download Stuffit trial version. After 30 days, you will be asked to purchase it or lose some of the extras. You can continue to use this program as long as you wish without cost. You don't need any of the features that you would have to pay for to zip and unzip files. I have used it for over a year, now, without problem.

Ellie said...Shawn, I recommend 7-Zip. You can zip/unzip files with that and it's free. (And like someone commented above, it also unzips rar files.)Here's the link: said...You can still use rar files and let people know that "Extract Now" is a free program that extracts rar and zip files. It's so easy.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Whimsical Wonderland MEGA freebie kit!

Day 12 of our 12 Days of Freebies!!!!

Please visit Jaque HERE for our 12th day. And don't forget tomorrow is a BONUS DAY and it's MY turn to share some special goodies with you. I think you're going to LOVE them. ;)

Franziska - Day 11

MGLScraps - Day 10

Adriane - Day 9

Trish - Day 8

Amanda - Day 7

AmyandLauren - Day 6

Nicole - Day 5

Idzi - Day 4

Kristi - Day 3

Flergs - Day 2

Ellie - Day 1

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Will be MIA until after Thanksgiving.

Hello all, sorry I haven't been around. We're getting ready to move to Michigan this week and that coupled with Thankgiving has got me BUSY! Sorry I haven't been around to give out any freebies. I'm sure you all understand.

I will be back the week after Thanksgiving with a new kit. It's almost finished and I would post it now but I'm packing up the computer today for the move and won't be unpacked until Monday or so. So, when I get back on you'll all have a new freebie! It's a cute Christmas theme, just in time for the holidays.

I hope everyone has a great Turkey Day. And those of you not in the U.S.A...have a great week!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leaps-n-Bounds Elements

Hello is 12:01am and technically it is tomorrow (or is that today?) so I guess I can post my elements to this kit. I hope you enjoy them. Like I said, a lot of them will work well for other things so please download and see what you can use.

I loved making this kit. I'm getting quicker at making things (found out some useful tricks) so I should be able to step it up once this move is over and done with. Until then I'm afraid I'll be hit or miss. Sorry.

Here are the elements.

You can download them HERE. I just added them to the paper folder that way you could download everything at once. :)

Leaps-n-Bounds kit

I was going to sit on this one for a while but decided to share with you all. I was inspired into doing this kit after I saw pictures in my niece in her first gymnastics classes. I thought, "hey, not too many of these kits out there". I know it excludes a lot of you but I just had to do it. The papers can be used for anything really. Especially the stars ones. You could use those for the 4th of July. And the elements, while they are geared toward gymnastics, there is a sheet that could be used for anything. So, check back to see if the elements are something you'd be interested in.

Here are the papers for now. And as always...please leave some love. xo

You can download the papers HERE.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Julia special helper this week.

THANK YOU JULIA! I finally got around to looking at that tutorial on how to make thread for my buttons and it was wonderful. I took the basic concept and applied it to PSP. THANK YOU! Unfortunately, I learned how to do this AFTER the last part of my kit came out. LOL. You were such a big help. Let's all give a hand to Julia M for helping me this week. And just for that, you get ALL my kits for FREE! How about that? :)

Here is the link she sent me for those out there that want to learn how to make thread for your buttons. YEA!

FINAL part to Babys First Year kit

Whew! It took me a while to get all these out and I thank all of you that have come back every day looking for each part. I'm not so sure I'll do this again, meaning I'll probably go back to the old way of doing it....papers one day...elements the next. LOL. It just took too long this time. (I'm sure you'll all agree.)

This weekend was busy. Mike got home on Friday night and then his employees here threw him a little going away party that night. It was fun and we got a lot of nice gifts. Then on Saturday it was a family day. Well, I took off for a couple hours because I had some things to do WITHOUT two children in tow. But the rest of the day was family day. Our Buckeyes finally lost so there is no hope at a National Championship game again this year. Boohoo. Oh well. Today (Sunday) we met with our second realtor and have now got to make a decision with who we'll list with. Then this week I have appraisers coming (hopefully) and then the kids and I can move out to Michigan to join up with Mike finally. We'll see. It all depends on how quickly we can get appraisers out here. With Thanksgiving next week (CAN IT BE?), things are up in the air. I just want to get out there already! That way we can start looking for houses more seriously. It's so hard to do online. You absolutely have to be there to see them. But, I will say things are going smoothly so far so I hope it continues.

Well, here is the final part of the kit. I hope you've enjoyed it. Not sure what my next kit will be but I'm open to suggestions. Anything you guys have had a hard time finding?

Have a great week.

You can download HERE.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

OOPS! New link to Tags!

Sorry ladies. Some of you let me know that my tags were still in PSP format instead of PNG. Thank you. Guess I forgot to switch it. Here is the new link. For the 60 of you that downloaded it already, if you need the PNG it is... HERE. I have also fixed the link below.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Part 5 of Baby's First Year

Okay, so there are actually 2 downloads here. One is a set of 8 tags with cute sayings and the other is more elements. I have 1 more element sheet for you tomorrow (with a ribbon wrapped frame and some ribbon and buttons) and I think that'll be complete. (We'll see...;)) Sorry this has been dragging on. I was still working on the kit when I started to post and then I just couldn't stop myself. LOL. I still want to do some things with it but I'll probably just provide an add-on later this month for it. So be sure to keep a look out for that.

Here are the previews. I hope you're enjoying this kit. xoxo It sure has been fun to make!

And here are the word tags...Not all of them are shown.

You can download the RicRac and Bows HERE and the Tags HERE.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How to make thread for buttons

Okay, for the LIFE of me, I can't figure out how to make thread for my buttons I create. Does anybody know how to do this in PSP? ARGGGGGG! I have buttons for this kit and they look unfinished without thread running through them. Can someone please steer me in the right way for a tut? Thanks!

Killer headache....Plus Part 4 of Baby's First Year

Okay, so I have a killer headache today. No real post from me but I will leave you with part 4 of the kit. I will have 3 more pages to go but I'll probably give you 2 more tomorrow with the last on Thursday.

Today is the alpha/numbers/characters. Tomorrow will be 2 pages of CUTE CUTE CUTE tags and the last day will be the last of the elements.

Here is the alpha preview:

You can download Here.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Baby's First Year ~ Part 3 (Elements)

Here is Part 3 of the newest kit. Enjoy!

You can download HERE. And as always, please take some time to leave some love. I really appreciate it. xoxo

Check out my new blinkie!

Look over to the left! YEA! I've been selected to be a CT member over at! How exciting is that? WHOOHOO!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Baby's First Year ~ Part 2 (Elements)

Here is the 2nd part of my newest kit, Baby's First Year. I still have 3 more sheets of elements to put up and a sheet of tags with all the good first year sayings. I hope you're enjoying this kit.

Here is the preview:

You can download HERE

Saturday, November 3, 2007

New Kit! Baby's First Year

Okay, so I do like to scap kid things. :) Probably because that is my life right two precious children. :) So, here are the papers to my newest kit. I have a TON of elements to follow. I couldn't stop myself once I got started. Today will just be the papers though.

Our move is creeping along. I don't have to do much (except keep the house clean and look for new homes online) so that's good. We're waiting for the relocation company to contact us and then the ball will start rolling. I'm hoping to be in MI by Dec 1st (in a furnished apartment) and into a new house by the first of the year. We'll see.

Oh, other big news...Sasha popped her 5th tooth and #6 is gonna pop in the next day or so. Also, she started crawling Oct. 31 (her 9 month birthday) and she's now pulling to standing some of the time. And her little feet are starting to pick up and put back down so I know I'm in a world of hurt in the next month or so. Just in time for the chaos that will go with moving. LOL. Such is life.

Anyway, here is the freebie. Remember to check back daily to get the other parts. There will be about 5 parts so don't miss any of them.

You can download the papers HERE.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tiled papers...any good tuts?

Hello all, sorry I've been MIA for a while. This move has got me busy and I don't have the energy at the end of the night to do ANYTHING. I am getting ready to start my new kit though and have a question.

I use PSPX and have NO IDEA how to tile an image to make a 12x12 paper. In other words, I have 1 graphic I want to use but don't know how to make it show up on the paper in rows/columns etc. Does anybody know how to do this or can you please point me in the direction of a good tut? I know it's probably pretty easy but for the life of me I can't figure it out. THANKS!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Virtual Photographer. LOVE IT!

Anyone else have VF? I love it. It takes the guess work out of a lot of things. I love to play around with settings, making my pics look their best and VF helps so much. Here is a photo I took of Sasha this past weekend. Pretty decent photo. The grass was tickling her nose. Heehee...

And here is that same photo after I played with it in VF. LOVE them all.

Hallowen QP

Hello all! I hope this week finds you dry and warm. It's been raining here in PA for a couple days and it's getting colder. The leaves are SO beautiful though. We're really in peak season right now. We were outside this weekend with the kids and I took some good photos of them playing in the leaves. I'll try and post them later.

For now, I have a QP for you. It's from Ellie over at Sugar Snap Scraps. I used her Halloween kit to make this. Isn't it great? I especially love the ghost! I hope you can use it for a Halloween pic this year! My son is going to be the EVIL Spiderman and my daughter is going to be that white kitty cat (Marie) from Disney. Trick or Treat is tomorrow here in our town. Mike is going to miss it because he's flying back from Grand Rapids. So, for the first hour I'll be taking Lucas around the neighborhood with Sasha in the stroller and then after that, we'll pass candy out at our house. I'll try and post pics as soon as I can.

You can download HERE

Monday, October 22, 2007

New QP...

Hello all. Just a quick note tonight as I am exhausted and Mike is waiting to watch a movie with me. I have a new quick page for you. I used a kit from Ellie over at I used her Autumn kit for this freebie! Aren't the colors just gorgeous? So rich. Makes me want to get a beautiful sweater on and go sit on the back porch with a good cup of hot chocolate! Mmmm.... She's got some exciting new news to tell you about but you'll have to go visit her blog to find out! ;)
Our realtor comes tomorrow and the house is all set. Now we just need to get the sign in the yard and SELL THIS THING! :) Sooner we sell, the sooner we move closer to home. YEA! Have a good night everyone!

You can download it HERE

Big sale on Caz kits at Deco-Pages!

BIG NEWS! Carol (Caz38) is having a HUGE sale at DecoPages! ALL of her kits are on sale for $2 or LESS until October 31st! That's a steal in my book! Even her brand new kit will be on sale. Please jump right over and snag some of her beautiful work!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New logo....

So, I was playing around tonight and came up with this cute logo. What do you guys think? If you saw this on my kits would you recognize it? I want something that'll catch people eye's and go...oh yeah...she's the lady who does the QP's and blah blah blah.... :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Taking a break from designing....

kits, that is. :) Right now we have too much going on in our lives for me to even think of designing more kits. I have about a billion ideas of what I want to do but with this move, most of my time and energy is being zapped for that. I'm sure you can understand. I will, however, still post daily QP freebies! YEA! My first love anyway. ;) I'll be back to the kit designing after the move (a month or two?).

Things are coming along smoothly with the packing. Mike flies out to GR (Grand Rapids) on Wednesday (EARLY) then will fly home LATE Thursday night (about midnight). He'll miss Trick or Treat with the kids (bummer) and is tore up about it. Then we leave the next morning for Ohio because we have a family wedding to attend on Saturday. Ugh. This driving is going to kill us. Well, after 5 years of living 7 hours away from family, we're kind of used to it but we're also VERY sick of it. It wasn't so bad when it was just the two of us but now that there are 4 of us, it's gotten a bit complicated. That's why we're SO excited to only be 2.5 hours away from family after the move. What a piece of cake drive! :) We can actually drive the ENTIRE way home without stopping if we had to! That's so much easier when you have 2 kids in tow. I'm sure most of you know.

Well, enough babbling about me. Here is the freebie for tonight. I used Carol's (Caz38) kit at Deco-Pages. It's her "My Boy" kit and it's to die for. I LOVE the elements that she has with it and the colors are so, so, so....boy-ish!

I hope you enjoy. Please visit her site above and let her know you found her through me! :)

Here is the preview:

Download HERE.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sorry about MIA....

Sorry I've been MIA for a bit. We found out on Monday that we're moving! YEA!!! I'm happy to be moving. We've been in PA long enough. We found out we're moving back to Michigan so I'm VERY happy. We're going to be so close to both of our families again.

Needless to say this week has been a whirlwind. As soon as we found out we've been taking all our spare time to prepare the house for the market and to look at homes in the Greater Grand Rapids area. If anyone lives there, please let me know of some good places to look for homes. My brother lives there so I already have a clue but it's nice to get another person's perspective.

Anyway, here is a QP I've had stored away. It's from and it's from her Old Glory kit. Here is the preview:

I hope you enjoy it.

You can download HERE.

I'll try to get on when I can to keep things flowing. It'll probably be spotty for a week or two but I'll do my best! Stick with me!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chrissy Hanson...

Thank you so much for your offer to do some QP's with your kits! I went over and took a look at your products and I must say, "you've got talent, girl!" :) Your Boo Boo kit is probably one of the cutest kits I've seen in a long time! Here is a preview for those interested:

It's simply adorable! Great for scrapping those pics of your kids (or friends and family) that have had surgery or have gotten "boo-boo's". Great way to remember just how they got that scar! She has some pretty great kits out there and some commercial use stuff as well. PLease check out her stuff at The Scrapping Garden HERE.