Saturday, December 15, 2007

Whimsical Wonderland ALPHA!

Okay, so we can't stop making things for this kit! Here is the first of ANOTHER alpha for the kit. I need to say that this was a collaborative effort itself! Monica made the alpha using Flergs' glitter styles and sent them to Ellie to cut apart and save. lol So if you like them maybe stop by their blogs and let them know. =) I know they'd appreciate the comments. There are 7 different colors in all. I'll try and post one a day.

You can download HERE.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Whimsical Wonderland BONUS DAY!

Today is my portion of the 12 days of Christmas. We decided since you have the entire freebie kit already, this last bonus day would be a nice way to top it all off. All I can say about my portion is if you're anything like me and can't find the time to be creative for yourself because the holidays took all your energy, I have something(s) for you! :)

Please click HERE to go to my files! ENJOY!

P.S. ~ I upload everything in .rar so if you can't download them, below I have put some info so you can download them.


Okay, .rar vs. .zip....the scoop
Okay, so I think i'm going to stick with .rar files for now. Okay, stop the groaning....but it seems only a couple of you can't get .rar files right now. Well, all that is about to change. There are a couple of sites you can go to do download the files needed to unzip .rar files (for free!). Here are a couple websites (as told to me by some nice readers)....

Danielle said...An interesting question... and I don't have an answer. However, I DO know that there's a free program that will unzip .rar files. It's called unzipthemall and can be found here:
Ames said...Not sure about a program to zip for free, but for those who wish to download and use the rar files you've created can download the free 7-zip program. It will download rar files by using a right click. Hope this helps!

Sindiego said...You can download Stuffit trial version. After 30 days, you will be asked to purchase it or lose some of the extras. You can continue to use this program as long as you wish without cost. You don't need any of the features that you would have to pay for to zip and unzip files. I have used it for over a year, now, without problem.

Ellie said...Shawn, I recommend 7-Zip. You can zip/unzip files with that and it's free. (And like someone commented above, it also unzips rar files.)Here's the link: said...You can still use rar files and let people know that "Extract Now" is a free program that extracts rar and zip files. It's so easy.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Whimsical Wonderland MEGA freebie kit!

Day 12 of our 12 Days of Freebies!!!!

Please visit Jaque HERE for our 12th day. And don't forget tomorrow is a BONUS DAY and it's MY turn to share some special goodies with you. I think you're going to LOVE them. ;)

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Trish - Day 8

Amanda - Day 7

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Nicole - Day 5

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