Friday, September 14, 2007

Ahhh...that's the problem.

Okay, so I figured out what is happening with 4shared. It seems there are some of you out there that think I am posting my QP's on my website without getting permission from the designers and have reported my site as being illegal. Oh, not so. :) I have permission from quite a few designers to post FREE QP's using their kits. Lots of designers out there don't mind some free advertisement. LOL.

To my readers, rest assured, these files are 100% legitimate. I have been granted permission for EVERY QP I give away. There are even some designers that have emailed me to give me permission to use their kits for QP freebies. (And I totally thank you for that. It's hard enough to track down all the designers on my own!) And that reminds me, if any of you are designers and wouldn't mind me doing free QP's using your kits (of course with full credits and a link back), please email me. That would be VERY helpful.

As soon as this is cleared up with 4shared, I will be back up and running. And on a side note, how can 4shared temporarily ban me without talking to me first? That seems a little odd. Oh well.

Today is supposed to be nice in the AM and then a little rainy this afternoon and tonight. So, I think we'll head outside for some playtime here at home this morning and then this afternoon I may have to get to the mall to pick up some new Clinique stuff. Love their facial soap. Lucas will probably want to play in the play area for a while so we'll probably go when it's supposed to be rainy out.

This weekend we have a football party to go to tomorrow. The high is supposed to be 57 and rainy in the AM. Ugh. That means the kids will have to be cooped up inside during the games. We'll see. Hopefully at least Lucas will be able to get out for some running around time. Gotta run off that little boy energy.

Later gators! HAve a great weekend!


Jody said...

Happy to know you have been able to sort things out. I am sure designers would love to have you share QPs - it is great advertising for them in my opinion.

Looking forward to lots of happy times with QPs!

Lisa said...

Thanks for all you share! I'm so glad you got the 4shared thing straightened out! Our Dillard's store is running their Clinique special...hope you got it!!