Thursday, September 20, 2007


Okay, I need a little help. I'm trying to put together a header (instead of the plain one Blogger has for me) but I don't really know the dimensions that I should create it with. CAn anyone help me? I know I'm probably missing it somewhere but I created one and it was too big. Does anyone know what dimensions I should use? THANKS SO MUCH!


Catlady said...
this might help you...not sure as I haven't done one myself yet. Thanks for all your qp's

Danielle said...

Hello my friend! :-) On this page (last entry listed - How To #1) is a tutorial on creating a blog header... and #2 is how to post it up on your blog. Found it myself when I started my blog, but then never really used it cuz I never did anything with my blog. Anyway, yours looks great! Love all your pages! :-)

Shell said...

Depending on how you want your header to look you can do it in several sizes or modify them to fit your needs. Here are some sizes I've seen around: 760x145, 800x200, 900x250, 850x250, 800x300, & 1000x300 saved at 72dpi. HTH

Ruthie said...

I use Firefox and by right-clicking your header image, I can view the background image. It shows a very light blue and the size is:
350px x 75px.
This is the size you must use according to your CSS template!
This is the location of the file..
You must use the same name (center_cloud.jpg)
If you want the light blue background, you can copy and past it in Photoshop, not sure about other programs..if you need help send me an email to: