Monday, October 1, 2007

Summer Fades to Fall Elements

Hello all! I finally got the elements done. My ribbons are MUCH better now! I've been learning so many things these last few weeks. I hope you can tell this kit is better than the last. I'm hoping each kit gets better and better. Oh, and I included an alpha in this one! YEA!!!!

Let's see...nothing much going on here. We're heading back to Ohio (Toledo) on Friday for the weekend. Mike has a annual family golf tournament to play in on Saturday. So, we're heading home from Friday until Monday. Should be a good time. I love my IL's dearly so it's always so nice to see them. Lucas really loves them as well.

Well, I know I had a lot of things to talk about today but at the moment they are slipping my mind. Oh, I had a impromptu (sp?) yard sale this weekend. I got rid of all of the BIG baby things....swing, bouncer, high chair etc. As well as some clothing. Mike said I could use whatever I made on the yardsale for digiscrap stuff. I'm so excited. I'm going to go now and see what my little heart wants to purchase. I've only got $80 to spend but that's not too bad for 2 hours worth of a yard sale! :) Plus my basement and kitchen are a lot less cluttered.

Here are the elements. I hope you enjoy them.
You can download them HERE. Don't forget to leave some lovin'! I LOVE reading the comments. Keeps me going on to the next kit! (Which I already have an idea in mind.)


Danielle said...

Lookin' good! So Sasha is out of the highchair already?! What a big girl! :)

Lisa said...

Once again, fabulous job! You are a quick learner...very impressive!! Thanks so much for sharing!

scangel said...

thanks for a lovely kit. I didnt leave a thank you on the papers.
the kit is lovely and i'm sure i'll find a use for it.

also thanks for the qps. i've got them all and dont remember if i ever said thank you. You do a great job on everythin you do.